Nature's Words: Sample Poems & Audio-visual

'Greenspin, a video-poem made with multi-talented film-maker Howard Vause, which exposes the language of corporate advertising and ‘greenwashing’, won 3rd prize in the Liberated Words International Poetry Film Festival in 2013.

Howard and Helen have since collaborated in making other poetry films, some as commissions. Here is a selection:

Kali Exorcism, inspired by the tradition of exorcism in Beat poetry, this video-poem deploys text, sound and imagery to invoke the purgative energies of Kali so as to cleanse the world of the military-industrial complex and the state of perpetual warfare that the system requires.

The Golden Bird, commisisoned as part of The Golden Bird Project, which invited patients on the Royal United Hospital Older People’s Units in Bath to take part in a series of interactive storytelling workshops with Helen and Howard.

And here's an audio link to a commissioned recording of Helen's award-winning poem 'Earth Justice', recorded with poet Niall McDevitt:

Helen's poems have appeared in a range of national and international journals, including:

The Wolf, PAN (Philosophy, Activism, Nature), Dark Mountain Journal, Artemis Poetry, Magma, Ecozon@, Long Poem Magazine, International Times, Shearsman Magazine, Scintilla, Unpsychology Magazine, Molly Bloom, Tears in the Fence, Feminist Theology Journal, Silver Birch Press, Blackbox Manifold, Plum Tree Tavern, Ecopsychology Journal, Green Spirit, Indra’s Net, The Source.

Her work has also appeared in the following anthologies:

Buzz (Templar Poetry), In the Telling (Cinnamon Press), Soul of the Earth (Awen Publishing), The William Blake Birthday Book (Bow of Burning Gold), Emergency Verse (The Recusant), The Apple Anthology (Nine Arches Press), Fanfare (Second Light) Her Wings of Glass (Second Light), Diamond Cutters: Visionary Poets in America, Britain & Oceania (Tayen Lane) and Anarchism and Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power (Routledge).

Click on the titles below to read this selection of Helen's poems...

Nature Story

Hedge Fund

A Wake to the Kittiwakes during London Fashion Week

Marginal, i

The Fallen

The Underneath Farmers

Time-out, Black-out

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